ClickLearn Attain Publish Warning - Cannot find asset for 'Custom'

  • 15 October 2021
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I’m just familiarizing myself with ClickLearn Attain and doing some experimentation with publishing. When I tried to publish today, I received the warning “Cannot find asset for ‘Custom’”. What does this mean? Is there something I could have set up with my assets in the project?



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2 replies

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More on this. In an attempt to correct this error, I copied everything from my Common Assets folder to my Recording Assets folder (which was empty) and now the publish succeeds without errors. It seems like some assets need to be in the Common Assets and others need to be in the Recording Assets folder. Is there any documentation that indicates the rules for what types of assets needs to be in what folder?

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I’m glad you sorted it out :)


it does not matter where the assets are stored, the folders are just there as placeholders, you could rename them, or create new ones with whatever name you want.


If you have imported recordings that has assets included, you may want to check that the recordings that use the assets are referencing the right location.