Clicklearn Classic - Where did the Publish button go ?

  • 18 November 2021
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Hi all,


We have the latest version of Clicklearn classic installed on a shared server, and it has been a few days now that the feature “publish” has disappeard !
We tried everything, the system is also compliant with what it is mentionned here:


We are running out of solutions. Any ideas on what we can do please ?


Thank you !


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2 replies

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Hi @Shahrzad 


ClickLearn Studio requires connection to specific URLs to be able to utilize all features, such as the voice cloud, the portal, getting the license info, and more.


Please see the attached PDF.


Note that if you are using a citrix server, then it is the citrix server that needs to be able to access these URLs.

Hi Morten, 

Thank you very much for your wonderful support today !
Here is what the IT has said to us when asked what was wrong : “It is quite technical, but was related to DNS (resolving IP’s to logical names).”.


Thank you and have a nice day,