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In Attain, you are allowed to choose the a one or two column layout for the Webpage entity. Is there a way set the column layout in the Word template? Right now the instructions are displayed in a two column format in Word and we want to change it to one column.


1 column layout


2 column layout


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Hi @hmccabe 


In your project publishing template, you can navigate here:


So basically what it reads is that on every step, it should be formatted like this:


make a new table, start a row, start a column, put in the text, end that column, start a new column, add the image, end that column and finally end the row.


try adjusting it to this:



that should become: new table, start a row, start a column, add the text, do a line-change, add the image, end the column, end the row.

You may have to do the same for the group and note steps, but try to mess with it and see what you end up with.


Unfortunately we do not get a whole ton of control over the word document, but there are some things you can do of course. I can recommend this video if you haven’t watched it - its for classic, but its the same thing.


Good luck! :)

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How do I get to this screen?

Here are the options I have.


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Hey @hmccabe 


Click on Language Settigs and then Language Template Editor