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  • 31 July 2020
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I was wondering if it is possible to connect two or more recordings in one big recording.


For example we have a recording how to create customer orders the other is how to proceed the customer order another could be how to invoice the customer order.


Is it now possible to create a recording Customer Order Process with this tree recordings inside?

Thanks, Bernd


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hi @bernd.kuebler 


Yes, this is definately possible!


There are a few ways to do this, for example - you could have a book with the recordings for each process in it.

Customer Order book with 3 recordings
Produced Book with 3 processes



You can also copy the steps from a recording into another recording, so that you could have one long recording, possibly divided into chapters for the 3-part process.

A combined recording with 3 recordings

In the video role, the TOC of the word/pdf and html view - you then get the option to navigate to the chapter (process part) that is applicaple for you.


HTML and Word TOC for easy navigation
HTML Video with TOC navigation


Common for both methods is that you will have the opportunity to share a link directly to the process part that is relevant to your end user.


Both methods work, but the question you should ask yourself is how do the consumers of my content prefer it? Do they like long instructions that are divided into sections, or do they like end to end processes that are individual and not layed out in one long procedure.


Typically people are just looking for a specific part of a process they forget how to do.


But new users may like the full step by step process to ensure they learn how to do it all.


it is up to you which you see more fit for your company :)