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  • 21 February 2022
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I have about 20 instructions where there are two files with the same instruction but one is in Swedish and one is in English. 

I’ve tried to copy the steps from the file in Swedish to the one in English but I am having some issues.

Is there any way I can combine two recordings like this or am I bound to use the replay-function for one recording with multiple languages?


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Hey Amina,


There are different ways to work with multiple languages.


One way is to have the default system language, but with localized explanations, structure headings and text boxes etc. For example, an English recording with English references to buttons and functions and with English screenshots, but with Swedish explanations.


Another way is to have a fully localized version, where you replay the recording on the system where you have switched to Swedish UI language. This way everything will be in Swedish .


Mixing these two styles is not recommended, and copy-pasting between them will give you a regular headache of issues. Should you have done this, the only way to sort it out is either to do a full end to end replay of the recording if both the respective languages, or to restore a previous version of the recording from before you copy pasted the steps across one another.