Creating eLearning with ClickLearn

  • 4 February 2021
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Hi Community, 

I am a new user to ClickLearn and so far I have learned that the product can be used to create great work instructions, simulations etc for training.. but we also want to create some great interactive eLearning courses, can ClickLearn create eLearning as well?

3 replies

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Hi @beauj9 


Welcome to the community :) I am glad you are enjoying the software, yes - with ClickLearn you can create SCORM packages for use with your LMS system to ensure compliance within your organization :)


if you would like a session where we modify the output packages to match your LMS system, please contact us at support.

Thanks Morten;

Thanks for the reply.  Are there any existing webinars to describe authoring of eLearning packages?




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Hi Jim,


in the F1 help, there is a SCORM package module that will describe it - but you are welcome to contact us at support, and we can run through it together - and fperhaps also customize the package to your liking :)