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  • 14 September 2022
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So I know you can turn on the option for users to download your portal content as PDF.

I have this turned off because I want users to use the videos instead.


However, I’d like to download a PDF copy of the portal myself, for my own reference as author.

Is it possible to do this from the Studio application itself, or do I need to turn on the option > publish to portal > download PDF > then turn off the option > re-publish to portal ? (The latter being time-consuming and inconvenient)


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4 replies

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Update to add:


I found the option to download a preview of the PDF in Settings / Publishing Template / PDF

But the button does nothing when I click on it.


I also see the option “For each segment” but the PDF will only download the entire portal not the segment. If I’m viewing the portal on a specific segment URL and try to click the “download portal as PDF” button, it just errors and say the blob doesn’t exist.


It looks like these two areas are perhaps bugged?

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Hi @Georgie


For our projects, we’ve found that a PDF can be downloaded and saved within the ‘Structure and segments’ section of Attain. You can ‘Share’ your project with yourself and obtain a temporary link of your content (can set for 7/30/60 days). From there you can download your full portal. 


Hope this helps!

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Hi Nickia,


Thanks for your response! How long does it normally take to generate a link for you? For me, it has sat there like this for about 5 minutes now:


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It depends on the size of your project, I’ve seen it take anywhere from a minute (for a project with less than 10 recordings) to a couple of hours.