Editing a refrenced video clip dosent updated where it is refrenced

  • 16 March 2023
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Lets say I have a video clip called ”A” in project 1, I have referenced in another project called 2. Now i realise calling the clip A dosent make sense so I change it to “B”, but in project 2 it is still called A. This makes it hard to keep track of where clips comes from. Is there something I am missing to fix this or is just an unfortunately “feature”?


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2 replies

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Hi  @Søren Thornholm 


The file name reference will not update, but if you use the metadata for Alternative title - then it will update.


You can enable the metadata in the project settings (needs to be done in both projects) and you can add the Alternative title through the column chooser on the recordings tab



Nice that should do :-)