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  • 8 December 2021
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Title ”FSM 6.8 Mobile App” - title un-editable :grin:

I am looking for additional information and updates about how to record FSM 6.8 Mobile App screens on an iPad or Windows 10.  I have watched this YouTube from Morten and can duplicate but looking for additional comments, discussion, and updated solutions that others have tried in 2021.

recording smartphone apps - YouTube 


Thank you for your time!





Best answer by Morten 11 January 2022, 18:35

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3 replies

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Hi Tom,


Sorry, this one must have slipped under the radar :astonished:


The approach described in the video is still the best for a mobile product.


Using attain, you can also add videos and other file types directly to your assets.


This means that if you are using a screen recorder on your mobile device, you should be able to include that video in your structure.


But for a complete package, with word, pdf, powerpoint, html, tryme, testme, showme - then the method in the video is the best, still.


Let me know if this answers your question.




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Thanks!  I was able to create a quick video using the process and works great.  A little slower because you are making essentially a video of all notes and manually created screens but happy with the results.  Thanks again!

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glad to hear it :)


if you can extract the .apk or apple equivalent file, then you can use a web-based emulator, speeding up the process - if supported.