Formatting Notes and PDF outputs

  • 17 June 2020
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Suggestion - we need to be able to format notes - e.g. add font effects like bold or underline and have support for an <a> tag for a link (as opposed to just pasting a link).  To me this is quite a limitation in the software, I’ve read in places you don’t allow it to keep formatting consistent between authors (not sure if this is true), but at the end of the day, that should be for the organization to manage, not you to decide.  Just omit <tags> from your other outputs including the text-to-speech.

As for placing links within a note; for example to link to a sub-chapter within the recording, the problem is that this information also shows up in the PDF file as plain text and can be quite sloppy and confusing for viewers.   I’m assuming there’s no way to have two notes; and dictate which note appears in which outputted version (e.g. have a note for web only, and then another note for word/pdf/etc)?

4 replies

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Hi. At the ClickLearn web conference in late March I believe they mentioned that rich-text formatting for notes would be available in a new release later in the year. I think they said they expected it in October, but I may be misremembering the month.

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Hi Tbay,

As Richard kindly indicates, we are introducing advanced formatting on notes in our next major release. I currently don’t have more info on the specifics, but if you subscribe to our Developer's Diary  here on the community, you will automatically get an email when we release a new post with screenshots and more, in-depth information about this, and other aspects of the upcoming release.

Excellent news.   Thank you

Will there be costs associated with the upgrade or will it come as part of any ongoing licenses? 

Also, I’m assuming everything created in previous versions will be easily compatible? 


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Hi Tbay,

The new release will be available to anyone with an active software maintenance agreement. There will be an upgrade path for existing content. 😊