Hints on how to avoid image changes when excluding or deleting a step

  • 1 September 2020
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When creating/editing recordings, sometimes when we delete or exclude a step, the images change on the next steps. Not always, and not the same each time. Sometimes the when excluding it happens, and doesn’t when I delete. Sometimes the reverse of that. Anyone else having this challenge, and any hints to avoid it?



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Hi @hayley.williams :)


ClickLearn relies on the sequence of images in some ways. For example, a text input will rely on the image previous to it, and will reference that step in its text.


Steps that are in a logical sequence also will look odd when removed. Lets say you have a step that expands a menu and the following step selects an item from that menu. If you remove the step that expands the menu, the video is going to look very wierd.


i suggest you send your recording to support, and we can then look at it together and perhaps find a way to accomplish what you like :)

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Wondered if there was any update to the above query and what causes the issue? I have had similar issues and despite changing the image using the developer role (where in the preview it looks fine) still get an image on the recording that does not fit with the step.


Many thanks



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Hi Jon,


if you have a specific recording with this issue, send it in and lets look at it together :)