How do I allow special charachters in my notes or document for explaining formulas?

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How can I format special characters the text, in the current version of ClickLearn, without going to the HTML editor to do it? I have a large document which need to be styled like this.

In addition I would like to show the following characters in Italics and bold:

Formula:  {10 * ((9*2) / (8-5))} OR [(12x-15y) * (3x-8Y)]

I know the new version will allow for this but we need this now already please. Any ideas?


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Hi @Stefnie,

Until the new version of ClickLearn arrives, I suggest you use small images in your notes. 

It could look like this! :slight_smile:

Note with picture in CL


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Thanks, Morten. I will do that.