How to convert JSV.HTM files to MP4 in ClickLearn Classic

  • 7 September 2021
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Hello Community, 

In Classic, we need to know once we stop Producing the old WMV format videos and just produce only the HTML video, how can we:

  1. view these effectively from the View > HTML Video (menu).. it does load in the browser with a long URL, but there are no visible media controls and all it seems to do is allow me to  click through the fields in :”practice mode” what is the best way to view these.
  2. convert the JSV.HTM files into MP4 videos with all the audio and subtitles included as well.

If anyone can help, we would really appreciate it.  Thank You guys!



Jim and Jasmine at Austal Ships. 


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2 replies

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Hi @beauj9 :)


To view the videos with the correct template applied, and with all 3 html video modes available (showme, tryme, testme) please click on view webpage, then you can chose the videos from there instead.


Regarding the encoding to mp4, this can only be done using the wmv as a source file. The html video is a javascript that loads animation on top of static images with audio files playing in sequence, it is not a video file in the classic sense, hence the light load and advanced functionality, such as interactive options and table of content.

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Great thank you Morten for this clarification.

Best Regards, 


Jim Beaudoin

Austal Ships Ltd.