How to convert old click and learns into new version

  • 10 November 2020
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Hi Click and Learn family,

I am looking for support on how i convert old click and learns into new ones?  I have old click and learn files that need to be updated but I don’t want to fully re-record.  Has anyone had the experience in updating old files into new ones?


Thanks for your help and guidance!


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Hi @lhoward!

Just in case ClickLearn is new to you - we have a number of live webinars to make sure you can get an efficient and comfortable start. I would suggest starting with ClickLearn Fundamentals. See full schedule here:

Now to your question:

If you mean to simply edit them, you can do so from ClickLearn Studio by opening in the editor, saving when you are finished applying your changes, and then go through the produce and publish procedures, depending on which platform your content is deployed onto.

If your scenario is that the ERP system you recorded the recording files on, has been updated, and you are looking to update the processes you document in the recordings to match with the new system, the next step will be to “replay” them. This process is a bit more complex than the above, and do require some planning and preparation to hit the target.