How to crop overall screen on recordings?

  • 17 August 2020
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Is it possible to crop the overall screen size that appears on the Try Me, Test Me videos. This is the area that has the purple line around it in the thumbnail editor.

The screen areas in green and red are fine, but I do not what the area displaying my desktop to appear on the videos, which it currently does (see attached).


1 reply

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Hi @HayleyG :D


The showme, tryme, testme videos are always the full screen screenshot with no cropping.


What i suggest you do, is to prepare your desktop so that only the wanted application is visible.


You can for example hide your windows taskbar, maximize the application, or run your webbrowser in full screen mode (F11), or even disguise it as a windows application so that people cannot see your favorites, webaddress, or similar either.


You can learn more about that here:


Let me know if you need anything additionally :)