How to do multiple language Assist Configuration

  • 24 July 2023
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When the ClickLearn Assist Config has been done, the Assistant is showing up in all our 3 environments, but it will only assist the users in English.

Our IFS Cloud is only in English, but our ClickLearn materials are published in English, Portuguese and Arabic.

How can the ClickLearn Assist be used by in Cloud the employees that need to see it in Portuguese or Arabic?



4 replies

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Hi Hans,


Typically it follows the ui language of the system, but you CAN try to paste the lanugage specific URL into the assist extension instead to see if you can force the assist to be in another language.


Thank you Morten.
Suggestion has been created ClickLearn Assistant Language selector | Clicklearn Community

Br Hans

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Hi Hans,

what happened when the user pasted the language specific link?


Hi Morten,

I need some specific guidance on this issue:

Our IFS Cloud systems are only set up with English.

Our ClickLearn recordings are made available in English, Portuguese and Arabic.

Does the end user not get the option to select which language to use in the Assistant?


Tested to add both English and Portuguese to UAT and now the Assistant there is only showing in Portuguese. But still in English in CFG (on the same machine). 

Is there a way that all languages are available in the Assistant without the end user having to manually add the URL to the ClickLearn Extension in their browser?

And without the administrators having to update the “ClickLearn Assist Configuration” manually every time when 1 or more recording have been published?