How to edit placement of instruction text in written material

  • 15 March 2023
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I am sure this is quite simple, but as I can’t find the answere anywhere then I will ask.
Where are trying to move the instruction text which are currently on the left of the screenshots in both Word and PDF, I would like to have it abouve the image as that would allow the image to be wider and bigger. Where and how can I do that?


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4 replies

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Hi @Søren Thornholm 


I’ve recorded a PDF describing how to accomplish this.


If you have any issues with it, go ahead and contact us at support or contact your CSM :)

Thank you, that solves it @Morten.

I am curios as i did look around to try and fix it why is it that you have to go to language and not to the publish template where there also exist settigns to change image size?

I am asking so that instead of having a guide I might get some understanding for how to solve similar issues in the future.

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you are welcome :)


The publishing template is for visual design and publishing options.

The language template is for the wording and technical construction of your sentences.


I totally get why you would expect to find it in the template settings, its always been this way - since ClickLearn Classic.


Perhaps we could have a note in the word template part regarding this, i will suggest that internally :)

Thanks for the explanation that helps with the understanding :-)