How to move the Video title up a couple of rows?

  • 16 April 2021
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Good evening! :grin:


I have been unable to locate in the html templates where I can move the title up one or two rows on the recording titles?  Does anyone know where to move this title?  The title bleeds over into our logo and I don’t want to rebuild the video intro images.  Thanks for your time! 



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3 replies

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Hi @trice602 


You can use (and abuse) the padding-bottom property of the .cljsvIntroTitleText definition: 

recording template / clicklearn html video / jsv_styles


however, be mindful of just how much padding you apply, since if you are too excessive you might make it so there is not enough room for excessively long titles.


I can also recommend you switch to using vw instead of px since it will better scale with device types, like tablets, phones, laptop screens, desktop screens, and projectors.

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Thank you!  Helpful! :grinning:   This community board is AMAZING !!!

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Anytime! @trice602 i’m glad you enjoy it :smile: