How to quickly access a Recording from a ClickLearn Chrome Assist?

  • 12 July 2022
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If a user is accessing an Assist through the ‘ClickLearn Chrome Assist’ browser extension, is there a way they can jump directly to the related recording on  the learning portal? (e.g. without having to open the learning portal in a new tab and find the relevant video) 

Scenario is they find the relevant Assist in context of using the system, but may want to watch a Show Me video before making a live attempt.

If not possible, happy to log this is a feature request.

1 reply

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Hi @AvaJim 


If there is a contextual reference, like the formid in crm - then it will work like you describe.


But if it is a generic website, then the assist extension will just show all relevant content, and the user can pick from it or search.