How to record with only 1 screen?

  • 20 August 2021
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I am using 2 monitors, 1 as my main screen for click learn and recording IFS, and another to read the script for what I should be doing. After recording, Click Learn also captured the second monitor.


How do I only capture and record 1 screen?

3 replies

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Hi @jasminesai clicklearn usually only records the monitor that you have set as main monitor in windows.

make sure the monitor you record on is the one that has the checkbox

please check it and let me know :)




I checked my display settings and my 1st monitor is set up like this:


my second monitor is set up like this:


Still when I record, it still captures 2 monitors. I even unticked and re ticked the check box for main display for my monitor 1 just to refresh everything but still does not work.

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Hi @jasminesai 


lets look at this together, please contact us at support - then we will figure out whats going on :)