How to use insert elements "Additional"

I would like to know more about the functionality of the “Additional” button on the edit page for a recording. I can’t find any documentation on this, the closet I have found is “Edit Work Instruction -  Insert Elements” in the help section.


While in the developer role it seems as though we are able to write multiple choice questions. I can write a question and a single answer, but not multiple choices.


How are we supposed to enter the Option Text and Option Tags to have multiple choices? 


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Update: I can write multiple choices but I cannot define the correct answer.


How do we define these answers?

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Hi Matt,


the questions are meant to part of the flow role tags, you can read more about it here:


or watch my video on it here:


This was very helpful, thanks!

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This was very helpful, thanks!

Awesome @Phillip Bronson I’m glad you found it useful :)