IFS/ClickLearn: Recordings stop during playback?

  • 6 August 2020
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Have a client that is trying to create ClickLearn recordings early in the implementation process. Screen layouts are still changing, custom fields being added, etc. Also, the data is changing and security permissions sets changing. 

Will changes in all of these affect the ability to playback a recoding, or only some things? Is ClickLearn capable for instance of handling changing field location on a screen header or tab? Or any data changes since a recording was done, and now? 

What is the Best Practice? Wait until the system is more stable as regards to changes? Or start early, knowing they will have to update continuously perhaps depending on degree of changes?


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Hi rscott1217!


ClickLearn is well-suited for working within agile processes such as the one you describe above. If the same field or button change location on a form, ClickLearn will still be able to find it when you perform a replay of the recording, and capture the new location. 

Data: We always suggest working with dedicated training data sets. If you record a process with one data set, ClickLearn will capture this data set in the recording for later use. If you have to modify the data set before replaying it, because the original data set is now no longer valid, this can be done in the editor. For more advanced scenarios with one recording being replayed ,multiple times with multiple data sets, there is the option of feeding data to ClickLearn from Excel. And with multiple recordings being replayed in a sequence, you can setup data sets inside ClickLearn as well.

I know some of our customers have used ClickLearn in exactly such a scenario you describe. And others are using ClickLearn materials for their UAT.