Incorrect Commands Appearing on French UI

  • 5 November 2021
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I complete a recording in English,

then replay to get the French version (after setting up my UI to be in French). 


The translation of the tile “Funding Case Management” is “Gestion de cas de financement”, and since tiles are placed in alphabetic order, the placement of the tile is different in the French UI. This seems to cause issues because the replay repeatedly picks up the wrong tile (I have tried multiple times to get this corrected in my recordings.)  I can’t even figure out a workaround since I need the screenshot of the correct French tile highlighted in red.


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2 replies


Update- I was able to adjust the image and the text to read properly in  French, so there is indeed a workaround, but would be great if software picked up on correct command tiles in first place, unless I am doing something wrong.


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Hi @Carrie Roussin 


Sorry to see you are having issues with the replay, but i am happy you found a workaround.


The ClickLearn replay relies on the technical names of the functions and objects, if Microsoft has given the same technical name to each app shortcut, then ClickLearnwill just click the first that it finds.


Each item should have a unique technical name, sadly this is not always the case when people are programming their webpages and applications.

What you can do, is to ctrl+shift double-click the step to see the technical name, as so:


do the same for the tile that was picked in the replay (or do a new recording where you have both apps clicked, one at a tile)


then compare the extended path in notepad, example:

you can see that the second tile has an li:1


this was my test recording:


let me know if this makes sense or not :)