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  • 19 June 2020
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Happy Friday Everyone!

I was wondering, when we have a license for X simultaneous users, what happens when X+1 user tries to login - do they get an error message when trying to login?

Also, if ClickLearn is installed on a remote server in which people access via VPN/Remote Desktop, is there any issues known if multiple people are accessing the software on that machine (under different instances) simultaneously?


1 reply

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Hi Kevan!

Thank you for posting this excellent question!

First of all, customers are responsible for remaining compliant with the license agreement and terms at all times. We track usage of ClickLearn Studio to be able to reach out in the rare case that someone is consistently out of compliance with their license. But we don’t enforce it inside ClickLearn Studio. Which means, you will never be in a scenario where you are unable to login to ClickLearn because your colleague forgot to logout before they left on holiday. But that doesn’t mean we won’t give you a friendly call you if you are out of compliance. :wink:

To help stay compliant, we suggest to setup a shared calendar and have team members book use of ClickLearn. This keeps usage pretty transparent for all team members.

As long as ClickLearn is installed on your server according to our guidelines, there are no issues in running ClickLearn on Citrix, or via RDP. Just remember, ClickLearn can only record application run on the same virtual desktop, as ClickLearn Studio is running on.

I hope this helps!



You can read more about tracking in ClickLearn Studio in our privacy policy on our website: