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  • 11 November 2020
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Within ClickLearn Attain, is it possible to create links between different parts of the documentation (i.e. cross-references)?


I have tried using the link editor in the text editor for an instruction, but this seems to bring up a dialog to select a file.


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4 replies

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Hi @david_reinhardt!

You are correct that it isn’t possible to link from one recording to another. The reason being ClickLearn cannot know if this recording will in fact be included in the structure of your learning portal, or somewhere else, and thus get the final URL, or dynamically update it if an author changes its location, thereby also changing the URL.

I know some customers use a work-around which requires they publish the learning portal, grab the URL to a recording they wish to link to, and then insert it into the “other” recording and re-publish the portal. But keep in mind, you run the risk of dead links if someone changes namings in recording or structure.

There may be some technical solution to this - feel free to add this to our list of Ideas and Feature requests!

Thanks Per, we’re looking to publish to SharePoint so that workaround may not work. Admittedly, I’ve not yet got publishing to SharePoint working so I will revisit when I do.



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Hi David,

If you are struggling in any way with publishing content, please don’t forget our support team is available to help!

Thanks, I’ve raised a ticket with the support team already. I’m told it’s been passed to a dev, although I’m hoping to hear soon as we’re looking to put content live next week.