Looking for your experience with creating and maintaining multiple language training material

  • 18 December 2020
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Hi All.

At Rockwool we have commercial markets where our CRM users are not fully comfortable with English. To get our messages out, we need to also produce material in local language with local language screenshots.

Clicklearn supports mulitple languages, but we are yet to find the best/smartest way of working with Recordings in multiple languages.

Is there anyone in the community who have found a smart way of working with multiple language material?


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Hi Christian,

Thank you for posting here.


While your situation is delicate, it is not unique.


Alot of companies are exactly in the same boat as you, which is a good thing as there is alot to be inspired from :)


The most profound way of approaching this, would be to record your work instructions in a main language, such as english. Then, using the replay function, replay that recording in another language, German for example, on your CRM where you have changed the UI to German.


Once you have the replay done. you can perform a translation. This will ensure that all your custom words, such as notes, chapters, name of work instruction and so forth, is translated.


Now you have a workinstruction with two full layers of languages.


You can repeat the replay process until you have all your content done, organized into books and a shelf which you have also translated. Then you can start working on your inside help where the same theory applies - the translation, this will again make all your custom text strings and titles available in all languages using machine translation.


Once your inside help for the field contextual help is documented and translated, then you can start adding your full learning portal as a shelf to each of the language layers in the inside help. 


Then produce and deploy the help in all your desired languages.


This will insure that when you load up the inside help as an end user, the clicklearn inside help will automatically detect what language you are using, and will display the help, work instructions, videos, virtual assist, and field contextual help in that language.


In order to succeed with the advanced feature that is the replay function, i highly recommend that you partake on one of our replay webinars, you can find available webinar times here, after logging in:

ClickLearn | Welcome to ClickLearn Portal


I can see that there is a webinar for January the 5th.


Once you master the replay, the rest is a cakewalk - and we will be here to guide you through it :)