Meta Data - Auto Apply Author, Create Date, Modify Author and Modified Date

  • 26 February 2021
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Can Meta Data be setup to auto complete on certain fields, vs requiring someone to update manually? Field such as:

  • Author: Auto populate with who created the document
  • Create Date: Auto Populate with the date it was created
    • Realizing Create Date isn’t in the meta data fields, but it shows in the general listing of recordings. Which also is a challenge for me, as my Clicklearn populates create date, based on when I bring the recording into my list of recordings in Clicklearn, not the true create date of the course. If I create it in March, then remove it from my list, then bring it back into my recordings list in May, the create date on this recording shows May. Is it possible to show original create date, always?
  • Revision and Revision date should auto update based on any edits by any author, auto populating (if preferred) with an increment number and date

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Hi Hayley :)


All metadata fields has to be updated manually.


There are a few items that you can utilze, but they are NOT metadata fields in a practical sense.


In the header and footer ONLY, you can use the ##USER## which will specify the person producing the content. The identity is referenced as their logged in account, the %userprofile% in windows.


For the date, if you are ONLY using the PDF, then you will see the produced date, which is not updated - but instead is the date that the document was produced.


These are the two workarounds i know of - honestly, i would personally prefer just to make updating the metadate a part of the workflow - since this gives a much better control that automated updates do.