Migrating permission Sets from IFS V10 IEE to IFS Aurena

  • 18 August 2022
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We are currently using IFS v10 IFS Enterprise IEE and would like to configure & migrate Permission sets in IEEE to the users so they can use Aurena. Thus we need to setup projections.

The Tech team are having challenges in going to each profiles permission set and Granting access to the projections one by one. For example we have a few users who only have 4 permission sets but they are Internal Audit and they have Read only access to all the objects. 

Our team has to go the the list under the projection tab and grant each object seperately which is time consuming.

Any tips & tricks on how we can semi automate this process. We ae talking over 250 users which permission sets unqiue to each user.

Any Manuals or videos on setting up Aurena would be appreciated




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Hi Gkabbara,

Have you looked at APT (Automated Process Testing)? It’s a vehicle in ClickLearn that enables you to repeat a recording with variable data multiple times. Although setting up permission sets and granting access to users is probably a question for IFS, I think it sounds like a task, that could be solved using APT. Steps:

  1. Create a new APT project.
  2. Create a recording that sets the permissions for one user.
  3. Set the datapoint on what you need to replace. 
  4. Fill in the data for the remaining users.
  5. Execute the script.

Reach out to the support team, if you need assistance.

/ Joachim

Thanks Joachim for your reply the issue we have is that the permission sets are all unqiue to the end users, Unfortunaltey we do have roles that have been assigned so automating is ideal but i guess for our case we need to review each end user permission and manually grant projections .