Opening word template through IFS just hangs IFS

  • 3 February 2021
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When I have created my Shelf and published it, I create a link in my IFS that takes the user directly to the Click Learn Portal. Evet thing works except, when I select the word or Power Point versions and press open, IFS just hangs and nothing happens. I end up having to open Task manager and shutting down IFS. However, when I select save, it save with no issues.


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3 replies

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Hi Dave,


interesting, i have never heard of this before.


To best work this one out, i think we will need a remote session.


Please contact us at support to set this up :)

Hi Morten,


I was having this issue all morning, I kept closing ClickLearn and restarting it but it did not cure it. Then got a colleague to try it and they did not have the same issue. So, I shut my PC down and restarted it and the issue seems to have gone.

Seems that it was an issue with my PC?

Sorry for the false alarm, but it is reassuring that your response was so quick and positive,  


Thanks Dave

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Hi Dave,


ah cool, well IFS uses the IE browser to display its content - so if your local IE cache was somehow corrupted it would be it.


Glad it works :)