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  • 2 December 2021
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Is there a way to put an output document from a Click Learn without the screenshots?  I know you can hide them in the editor on a step by step basis but is there a way to have that output without hiding in each step of the recording.


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Hi @JStack 


In ClickLearn Classic, please use the following code in the recording template:

<tr><td class="text">%1<br/></td></tr>

Recording template / Process Instruction / STEPTEXTIMAGE

this only affects the html, if you are looking to have word / pdf / pptx too, let me know.

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Good Morning, two issues here.


  1. I am on Clicklearn Attain, not Classic.
  2. I only want output documents (PDF, WORD, & PPT), not the html.

Please revise your answer based on this criteria.

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word document / group / doc_handlestep




Currently, there is a bug in Attain, preventing this from working - I’ll let you know when our Dev team has fixed it.


this is what you need to remove image from word and the PDF.


In the PowerPoint, you simply remove the image placeholders from the slides in the PowerPoint template, like so:


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Any updates on this bug in attain?  Thanks