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  • 29 September 2021
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Good morning,

I’m new to ClickLearn and trying to get my head around the issue whereby when you add a picture to a ClickLearn script (in a Note), you have to select the picture from a drive and the full path is entered. Can you use UNC path names here? The reason I ask is because we are developing many scripts for a client but the client is going to build the shelf and the chapters themselves. If we create the scripts on our laptops but put the images into a network folder would this work (etc etc).



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Hi Onefff,


In clicklearn attain, everything is on the cloud. So after you select your image from your UNC path, you will then be prompted to chose in which asset folder you want to store it, which will place it on the cloud.


This way, it doesn’t matter from where you add them, as they are loaded from the cloud :)