Power BI Desktop recording not working

  • 23 June 2020
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How can I … I need to create work instructions building a Power BI report in Power BI Desktop. I tried using the following different CL connectors to no avail: Windows Applications; Web Applications; Microsoft Power BI Web App.

It is not recognising anything in the product. No green window to record.

Please advise how to achieve this recording.

4 replies

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Hi Stefnie!

I guess you are probably attempting to record on the Windows-based version of Microsoft PowerBI?

To successfully record your work instructions for Microsoft PowerBI, ClickLearn requires that you record on the web version of Microsoft PowerBI. First make sure you have setup for recording browser-based applications (please follow this guide - and keep in mind you must complete the setup and record on either Google Chrome or the new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browsers).

Then open the web version of Microsoft PowerBI, sign-in with your credentials, and position PowerBI where your process starts. When you start a new recording in ClickLearn, assuming you have the connector in your license, it will be shown under the category “Web Apps”:



As an example, I have made a sample recording - you can view it here.

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Thanks, Per. I will give it a try today.

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Hi Per. The challenge is that I need to be able to show how to develop the report. This can only be done in Power BI Desktop. How can I achieve this?


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Hi Stefnie,

We had to do a little research to get a better understanding of the differences between the two versions. On this Microsoft site it states the web version called Power BI service does “supports light report editing”, which could indicate some features are missing, compared to the desktop version. Which is probably also why you can’t perform the same process on the web version, as you are referring to in the desktop version.

Unfortunately we currently don’t have support for the desktop version as of today. And even with the generic Windows connector in ClickLearn, you can’t record successfully on it. The reason is, Microsoft currently doesn’t allow any accessibility layer access on the desktop application. 

A simple (but not very efficient) work-around could be to create manual screenshots, and insert each picture file as a Note. If you only have a few exceptions which you cannot record in the web version, that could be a viable route to go.