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  • 29 May 2020
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What is the requirement for producing a shelf?


I have a two books within the Shelf, Book A, and Book B, and within Book A, I have Recording 1 & 2, and in Book B, I have recording 3 & 4.

After putting the recordings into their respective books, and then adding those books to the shelf, is it enough to just produce the shelf or do I have to produce the recordings first, then the books, and finally the shelf?



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Hi Tbay,

There is a simple rule of thumb you can use: You only need to produce at the level you want to publish. 

  • In your example, if you only want a PDF from recording 1, you only need to produce that recording. 
  • In your example, if you want to publish the entire shelf, you need to produce the shelf itself.

I hope this clarifies!