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  • 21 July 2021
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I just created a project and attempted to import Clicklearn Classic recording and I have a message that the projecy  is locked.

I am the Admin on the project, How do I unlock it and why did this happen?


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3 replies

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Hi BillatREM,

We would like to have a little more information. Could I get you to report the problem to support? In the lower left part of Attain there is a ? and when you click on that you can choose the Report a problem.


Peter,   Thanks for your reply to my question, I reported the problem as you advised.

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This issue happens very rarely, but can sometimes arise if connectivity problems cause the application and the ContentCloud to get out of sync. To prevent data loss, the ClickLearn back-end will lock the project. Currently it can only be unlocked by request to our support desk.