Publishing specific record / Sections in Attain

Hi All,

Does someone know if and how it's possible to publish a specific Record or Section in you Project? For now I'm only able to publish my full project.. This is regarding Attain.

Thank you in advance.

Stan Gruijters


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Hi Stan,

Thanks for reaching out. I have a couple of pointers, that might help you.
One is the Share-function, which you can use directly on a recording or a piece of the structure. This will basically generate a temporary link for you, that you can access (only producing the necessary content).
The second point: back in October, we launched the publishing optimizer, which basically means, that we analyze, what has changed in the content and produce only the changed content during publishing. This should create a much faster publishing procedure. 

Please reach out again, if this does not answer your question. 

/ Joachim 

Hi Joachim,


Thank you for your quick respons. If I understand you correct, it isn't really possible to publish only parts of the project, like it was possible in the old ClickLearn Studio app? I think the work arounds you've given me will be sufficient, thanks again!

BR, Stan