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  • 8 October 2021
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Hi there,

I am changing the Replay Data in the Data Editor to select Set to current row or Set to row number - but each time I try Replay this doesn’t select a row, and I need to re-record the steps. This is upgrading from Desktop BC to Web BC.

Also, in the Replay data, is it possible to use the text that ClickLearn records - for example, in the Desktop version of BC the recording text is ‘Click on the ribbon button New’ and in the Web version the text is ‘Click on the navigation menu item New’ - I tired to add this text in the Replay data but this did not pick up upon Replay.

Any further instructions are appreciated.

Many thanks

3 replies

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Hi @Tam Fleetwood 


Have you done the conversion (classic) or upgrade (attain) of the recording prior to the replay? it is required for a successful replay due to the change of technical commands executed by ClickLearn while doing the replay. This may also fix your row issue.


The connector text for each step is defined in the template like so:

mouse action + connector text + system funciton

Web NAV (NAV/BC) connector text


BC windows application connector text


when you convert / upgrade, then clicklearn replaces the appropriate system function and the applicaple connector text, readying the converted / upgraded recordding for replay on the new system.


In the template editor, you can of course re-type any connector text you like.


To find the exact connector text from the template that is used by a specific step, you can use the template editor button on that step:

clicklearn classic
clicklearn attain


Hi Morten,


Thanks for replying. After selecting Create/ Modify template, and accessing the template - what are the next steps to Upgrade to ensure succesful Replay?


In the template, I have tried %2 to get the actual title, but in some instances, this removed any descriptive text and just left ‘Click on’ (second screenshot).




Example - changing the below to %2 changed from ‘Click on the cell with the link Progress Billing List” to just “Click On” so it removed the name of the link


Any further instructions on how to Upgrade is appreciated!


Many thanks,



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hi @Tam Fleetwood  


Firstly, you will need to upgrade your recording if you are going from an older version to a newer one, then attempt the replay - then adjust the templates.

More options - Upgrade.
Select your version, and then do the replay