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  • 6 January 2023
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I’m not sure if there is something i’m missing. The format of output to powerpoint seem off to me. When using a textblock with the option “inline next” before a screenshot i expect the powerpoint to show both of these steps in the same slide, just like you see them in the browser. 


Recording editor

The textblock shown in blue with the option “inline next”.

The screenshot shown in green.


The two steps shown on the web

As expected the two steps are merged when viewing on the web. The textblock is displayed inline on the next step.


the powerpoint output

This is the formatting of the powerpoint file. The two steps are are treated separately and placed into their own slides.


expected result

This is what i expect the powerpoint to look like when using a textblock set to inline next.




To be honest, i would much rather prefer to have formatting akin to what can be seen in the browser. Both for the powerpoint output and the pdf output. Any idea on how i can achieve this without using an external tool to export to pdf from the web?


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if you use a note with an image instead, then it will work as you are looking for.


look at the template slide for it:


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That works for a small piece of text contained in a single text block. Is there any solution for when you have say 2-3 text blocks chained after eachother?

It would be optimal if there would not have to be an image for each text block to get the number of slides In the powerpoint down.


A solution would be to put all the text in the same text block but there is a soft limit of 500 chars for the text to speech.

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send the recording into support and we can schedule a meeting to see if we can find a good solution for you

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Hi Morten, this was actually resolved in one of our previous calls! I forgot to mention it here 😀 Thanks