Screenshot not capturing fields in IFS Aurena

  • 28 March 2023
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Hi. I’m trying to use ClickLearn to develop tests for IFS Apps 10 on the Aurena client. When I take a screenshot and then use a fork to react off of a field on the screenshot, I am getting inconsistent results. The fork is not always able to find the fields. In this case it’s the Site I’m trying to capture. There’s a blue outline it gives to show what it can see and even that outline seems messed up. Kind of hard to describe but I’ll include a gif to show what I mean.

Is there something I’m missing. From what I’ve seen in the videos, this seems very easy to do. Do I need to add something to my browser for the screenshot to work consistently?


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5 replies

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it looks like you might have scaling enabled when you captuted the screen, or you have multiple browsers open.


after you change your display scaling to 100%, restart your pc and try capturing that screen again :)

Multiplie browsers was the problem. I had my Chrome split across two screens since I’m working with multiple monitors. I had IFS on the monitor that ClickLearn was highlighting as the capture monitor and moved everything else away.

Once I consolidated the Chrome instances, it became a lot more consistent.

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Hi vic,


thats great - it should be 100% consistent, if not “something” is wrong :)

Sorry, 100% is correct :)

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Sorry, 100% is correct :)

 :D no worries, i’m just glad it works for you!