• 28 October 2020
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Hi Per, 

I currently practicing on CL attain, I just curious to know if you only have chapter and sub Chapter levels in CL Attain? as indicated in the attachment

Do have sub sub chapter? for example 1.1.1




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Hi Mesh.
Chapters & subchapters are handled in the structure in ClickLearn Attain, so it works differently than what you already know from the Classic version of ClickLearn.

I was wondering if you knew we have the Q&A sessions weekly, and you are welcome to join with any Attain questions you have. Here you can see all the sessions that are available:

I will be happy to explain and show anything you might need to know if you join a Q&A session.

BR Lars

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@Lars Heinrich 

Many thanks Lars. I didn't know about the sessions. thanks for sending the link thru.