• 6 April 2020
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Hi, we have at the moment around 30 Authors in different locations who are using ClickLearn. 
We are looking for a nice solution how everybody can use the same customized Template. Especially for changes in the Speech Editor and the Recording Template. Currently most of my colleagues saved their template locally or on their VM’s - problem:

When we update the Template (for e.g. with customizations for a new connector) every author has to change to the new template as well and all local changes  on the Speech Editor are lost.

What are your best practices - can all the authors work on the same template? What are pros and cons of saving the Template to a network drive? 

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Hi Tim!

Speech editor entries and templates are saved into a workspace, which is saved as a .clwx file. You can work with multiple workspaces, and each workspace can contain multiple templates if needed. 

With a few exceptions we generally recommend centralizing production and publishing processes. However, if your authors are also required to work with production and publishing of content, and you would like to share templates and speech editor entries between multiple authors, we recommend this approach: 

First you must save the workspace to a shared location accessible from ClickLearn Studio, such as a shared network folder. Then configure the authors’ ClickLearn Studios to use this workspace, and any templates you also wish them to use. To make sure no authors are unintentionally making changes, we strongly suggest you configure the shared folder so they have read-only access. This way, they can read and use any information from the workspace from ClickLearn Studio, but they cannot save any changes to it.

When you need to make changes to the shared workspace, make a copy of it and implement the changes in the new file. When the new file is ready for implementation, ask the authors to close their ClickLearn Studio down for maintenance. Then overwrite the old workspace file, with the new. Perform a quick test to see the new changes are available for the authors in their ClickLearn Studio, and you are done. If you wish to keep versioning of your workspace, keep a copy of the old somewhere else, with a filename that clearly defines the version level.

Keep in mind: Access to files saved on network drives require good and stable network connection.