Uninstall and reinstall Clicklearn

  • 3 November 2022
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Hi Morten


I am having the edge issue with clicklearn connector, and i believe its because when i initially installed clicklearn soome time ago, i said no to the following message



My question is - if i do that, will i lose work created already or will it still be there on re-installation?


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Hi @Peter Flintoff 


You will not lose any existing recordings you have done with ClickLearn, it is merely the native messaging host installation you are showing on your screenshot. This is what makes it possible for the clicklearn connector browser extension and the recording process top “talk” to each other and record individual elements and technical names in your web based application.


you may also try to follow the attached pdf - this should resolve the issue without you having to reinstall the application entirely.

Thanks Morten


I got to the point of trying to merge clGChost.reg, but i get the following error, doesnt allude to as why, would you have any clue? Does it require admin rights by chance?


Regards Peter

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Hi Peter,


Thanks for trying to follow the guide, yes - admin rights are required.


Once that is done, you should be good to go :)

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for anyone else with this issue, please see this: