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When editing our recorded course modules starting from the Written Editor, do we have to set up questions via Flow Editor in order for the Test Me and Try Me videos to function properly?

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Hi @Debra-Derieux M 

No, there is no need to use the Flow editor if you want to use Test and/or Try me videos. All 3 video types Show me, Try me, Test me are automatically created for each recording by default (unless you have configured your ClickLearn template to exclude any of them).

The purpose of the Flow editor is to handle multiple process variations in the same recording. For example, if process A includes a decision gate where the user must choose between two or more options/values, and the choice determines how the process will need to be completed from there on.

Your CSM can share more info and best practice on handling process variations, if this is relevant in your current ClickLearn project.



Great, thank you for the clarification!