What is causing Assist recordings to require an additional EXE file

  • 4 May 2022
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We’re using CL Attain with IFS Aurena, Chrome browser.

When launching Assist for some of our recordings it is prompting a download of an EXE file that needs to be run for the Assist to run but our users don’t (and won’t) have permissions to run these files.

I have looked into a recording (42 steps - not sure if this is big, small or typical?) where this is happening for anything that may be causing this (steps outside of Chrome, for example) but it looks like all steps are inside IFS Aurena within the Chrome browser.

Almost all steps show a command type of “IFSWeb” although there is one that is “ScreenPos” and 2 that are “Keyboard”.

I duplicated a copy of the recording and removed these 3 steps and still have the problem so any ideas what is causing the EXE file to be required and whether we can edit or rerecord to avoid it?

1 reply

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hi @Dan Wymer 


screepos means a missclick - clicklearn does not know what you are trying to capture when you click too fast - so if you include such a step, it acts the same way as a winuia step would - downloading the executable to ensure windows applicated based support.


So, make sure all your steps are ifsweb or chrome - nothing else.


using the UI in chrome counts as winuia too, since its a windows application - so be mindful of that.


keyboard input and screenshots etc are fine - they are not using the connectors in the same manner.