Why are recordings that is not in the structure being included in the localization?

  • 8 August 2023
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To keep control with which recordings are under development and which are ready to be used by the end users, they are placed in a “Draft” folder until they are added to the structure. 
When they are added to the structure, they are moved to a “Published” folder.

The recordings in the draft folder are not yet added to the structure.

Why is it that these recordings still show up in the Localization list?

They are creating extra work by having to go and check which recordings are in the structure (and should be translated) and which that are still only a draft.

Only the recordings that are in a structure should be included in the Localization.

This is in version (MSI)

Br Hans

2 replies

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Hi Hans,

I appreciate your feedback and understand why you would want the localization to be based off of the structure rather than the full recording list.

you can add that as a feature request/change here:


Hi Morten,

Suggetion added: Only Localize the recordings that are added to the structure | Clicklearn Community