Why does Click Learn not record my clicks?

  • 19 August 2021
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I have been recording some processes and have waited for the green box to appear before I click the links in the process I am doing and once recording is done, Click learn only recorded around 3 of the actions over 10 actions.I am working on IFS Aurena. I have installed the google chrome plug in.


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3 replies

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hi @jasminesai 

Sorry to hear of your issues :/

Are you using a trackpad, the built-in mouse in your laptop? This input device is not considered a raw input due to the way Microsoft handles the driver portion.Clicklearn is set to record raw input by default, while this can be changed - it is NOT recommended.


Please try using an external USB mouse instead, and let me know if that does not resolve your issue .)



I was using a laptop track pad. Now I am using a mouse, it is fixed now. Thanks!

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great to hear :)