User tracking with ClickLearn and the O-Data feed

  • 23 March 2020
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ClickLearn allows you to setup your own customized tracking for the usage of the eLearning content based on an O-Data Feed. This means that you are able to track results, number of downloads, success rates, etc. in your own Business Intelligence (BI) setup. 

As our tracking is based on an O-Data feed, you can import the data to a wide range of BI and other applications, from a simple excel sheet to a complex PowerBI 

If the tracking that comes along with the Clicklearn Portal is not enough for you, the O-Data also provides you with the possibility of creating your own tracking and reports based on your needs. 

How to use O-Data:

How to create and set up a tracking ID in ClickLearn Studio

The ClickLearn support will provide you with the required O-Data link. 


Please find attached a overview of the different o-data values






4 replies

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Hello @Tobias.   Very excited with the level of details available in the Odata feed.  How can we further understand the tracked values? 

For example, CompanyTrackingData has “IntValue1” and “IntValue2” that appears to be a time markers perhaps in seconds whereas DashboardWorldMaps has “Count” that appears to be total minutes on the site. 

Thanks in Advance. Mike

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Hi Michael,


Nice to see you here in our community.


I am preparing an overview about this for you and will post it here shortly


The how to setup a tracking id instruction is great, however I cant seem to find anything on how to use the o-data feed in other applications like Excel.

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Hi @PatrikTX , Attached is the excel instructions I received.  Hope this helps!