What is Learning Analytics?

  • 30 June 2020
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So, what is learning analytics anyway? The short answer is that learning analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners, the contexts of how they learn, and whether your end-user is adopting the use of whatever the new process is. The data collected is used for understanding and optimizing learning and the environments in which it occurs. Ever heard of data mining? Learning analytics is a related field… at the most basic level, it is searching for patterns in the data you’ve collected.

Why does Learning Analytics matter?

Learning analytics can potentially transform the way we measure impact and outcomes in different learning environments. This enables providers to develop new ways of achieving excellence in teaching. Another way to look at learning analytics is that it collects ‘tracks’ (data) that learners leave behind which you can use to improve the learning experience.

Who are the Key Beneficiaries?

There could be a number of different stakeholders within the organization, with an interest in analytics. Their interest could lie in determining if end-users are adopting a new application, to determine a correlation between money spent on implementation and whether it has made their tasks quicker and easier to complete, thus improving efficiency within the organization overall.

The end-users benefit, as their responses to the materials will help program developers, business analysts, and training specialists better prepare the learning materials for easier adoption of the new processes. ClickLearn provides seven different learning materials that encompass all learning styles that every end-user needs: written instructions, audio, tactile mouse and keyboard interaction with videos and a live assistant to take the end-user step by step through their work processes so that they have relevant training from day one using the new application & adopting new processes.

Getting started with Learning Analytics in ClickLearn

If you’re ready to get started with learning analytics to determine the success of your projects and determine user adoption, you first need to check whether your content is set to track learner activity. To learn more about enabling tracking, and accessing the dashboard in ClickLearn, please read this article: 




Reach out to your Customer Success Manager to discuss the above and more on a call, if needed.


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