Morten's Corner - ClickLearn Attain

  • 22 June 2021
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Attain features dissected and explained.


Come with me while I investigate the differences between a cloud and an on-premise ClickLearn license, and the best practices working with an on-premise license.


Want to learn how to use ClickLearn on a Virtual Machine such as Hyper-V, Citrix, or on a MAC? Or do you need to use the on-premise Assist or Studio? Check this video out!


Come along at we deep-dive into a full User eXperience Panel implementation. There are an excessive amount of timestamps so that the video can be used as a reference lookup table, as well as a standalone video.


A look at some of the ways to utilize the Assist format.


A dive into different video options and hidden gems


If you ever find that you need to record ClickLearn Studio itself, look no futher than this video.


Learn how to use APT for data entry and RPA using an iterator.


Learn about using metadata for versioning and change management.

Learn about using a predefined recording structure with sections and text blocks to create a cast for streamlined work instructions.


Learn about the different import methods in ClickLearn Attain when migrating from Classic.


Learn about how to record Windows applications, both partially supported, unsupported, and fully supported applications.


Learn how to enable O365 / Azure authentication with a few simple steps in this video, both for your end users and for your customers.



Learn about how to modify your recordings to successfully replay and overcome the most common issues encountered in replays.



Learn about the user roles and the different ways to collaborate with both authors and the project manager on multiple aspects of the content development and publishing process.


Learn how to use the file referencing feature to have cross-project management from a single project and portal.



A visual guide in how to enable or disable specific login providers from your published content.



Learn how to apply company logo, Word, and PowerPoint template to your ClickLearn Attain project.



Learn how to use the structure editor, its segmentation options, distributing segmentation links, and sharing your structure for quality assurance and feedback.

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