Virtual Machines & Mac with Parallels Desktop

  • 26 April 2024
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Virtual Machines & Mac with Parallels Desktop
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Want to learn how to use ClickLearn on a Virtual Machine such as Hyper-V, Citrix, or on a MAC? Or do you need to use the on-premise Assist or Studio? Check this video out!




00:00:24 Scope of today

00:00:48 Hyper-V

00:01:00 Hyper-V, How to Enable

00:01:28 Hyper-V, How To Check if Virtualization is Enabled

00:02:02 Hyper-V, Enable Virtualization on Intel Processors

00:02:10 Hyper-V, Enable Virtualization on AMD Processors

00:02:28 Hyper-V, Create a Virtual Machine

00:02:50 Hyper-V, Starting a Virtual Machine

00:03:16 Hyper-V, Advancentages, Purposes, and Reasons for Using ClickLearn on a Virtual Machine

00:04:44 Hyper-V, Configuring the Virtual Machine

00:05:47 Citrix

00:06:25 Citrix, Compile and Download On-premise ClickLearn Studio MSI

00:07:35 Citrix, Enable and Set Permissions For Programdata\ClickLearn

00:09:17 Citrix, Configure ClickLearn Project for On-premise Assist MSI

00:10:41 Citrix, Assist Configuration for MSI in Publishing Template (Author task)

00:11:46 Citrix, Download CLAssistURI.reg for On-premise Assist Execution (Admin task)

00:12:35 Mac using Parallels Desktop

00:13:30 Karabiner-Elements (honorable mention)

00:14:35 ClickLearn Recording with Parallels Desktop

00:16:31 Best Practices & Typical Use-cases

00:17:15 Support Scope

00:19:10 Thank You for Watching


Karabiner-Elements (External Source)


Karabiner ClickLearn Script

    "description": "ClickLearn Recorder Stop",
    "manipulators": [
            "from": {
                "key_code": "f4",
                "modifiers": {
                    "mandatory": [
            "to": [
                    "key_code": "left_control",
                    "modifiers": "right_control"
            "type": "basic"


Windows 10 ISO (External Source)


Windows 11 ISO (External Source)

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