Attain: Optimization of production engine

  • 27 September 2021
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With the release of ClickLearn Attain (September 21st, 2021) our developers have build-in new improvements to the production engine. In internal testing on a sample 85 recording dataset, we are consistently getting a minimum 25% decrease in production times, depending on template configuration of included learning formats (pdf, ppt, doc, videos).

One of the primary changes is that ClickLearn now only produces changes made since last cycle, whereas in previous releases production always included the full dataset. In internal testing on a sample 85 recording dataset, either with changes in 1 recording or after re-ordering structure, we have noticed up to 80% decrease in production time.

I have posted the detailed stats below. Please remember content production times may vary wildly from one project to another, all depending on your template configuration, the size (number screenshots) of your recordings, number of recordings, number of languages, and other factors. 


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